stirring it up! with Sonia Hunt
... a new food+life/style series

Sonia Hunt is getting down to the roots and rules of the rising foreign food subculture. Hanging out in the underground scene with the spicy personalities that are innovating within the culinary arts. It's a stimulating and sizzling foodie adventure!

EP7: Duck “not” Pie

A super delicious fall recipe from my great friend & Michelin rated chef, Scott Howard.


  1. OMG, I haven’t had Dim Sum in awhile, but I’m making plans. I usually go to the Palace in downtown Oakland, but I think I have to take a trip back to Yank Sing. Thanks Sonia.

  2. oh YUMMMMMM, great episode! can’t wait to eat some Dim Sum now, hope to try it at Yank Sing sometime soon, and maybe even try making it at home, thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Scott Claypool| October 18, 2010 5:50 am | Reply

    ok, now I’m hungry for Dim Sum! What a great story, I’m ready to dive in!

  4. Love the video! Makes me hungry now. I could use a good deem sum right now! Thanks for sharing the recipes.

  5. I been to Yank Sing @ Stevenson St… missed Shanghai Dumpling due to over joy with the other items from the menu =))
    Chicken feet i’ll give a TRY …
    Dim Sum here i come=))

  6. Love the show Sonia! All the best to you in your new endeavor! You are a credit to our business. It is so wonderful to see your passion and energy on the big screen. Knock it out girl! I know you will. tlp

  7. Yay! So interesting and yummy, nice work!

  8. Sonia, nice job! Good info about deem sum (which i thought was Dim sum until this)…now i’m hungry :-)

    The video production quality and effects are very well done, edgy without crossing into annoying. One suggestion that you probably already have on your list but that would be better mics. I’m not sure what mics you ladies were we using but there was a lot of background noise which made it a bit difficult to hear.

    Can’t wait to see the next episode!

  9. David Beccaria| October 21, 2010 5:44 pm | Reply

    I love Dim Sum and have 2 favorite places in Chinatown here in Philly. It was great to see how these sometimes delicate treats are made.

  10. Great video of my favorite must visit every time I am in San Francisco eatery. Great to be able to see what goes on behind those walls. I have often wanted to follow a cart in, but knew I would stick out like a poorly made dumpling.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Andy! Hey, I was no better at making dumplings. Vera (the owner) said it took her 2 years to perfect the one we made on camera. So, I will cut my self some slack then.

  11. Sonja I have always said I would run from anyone for any reason; I am rethinking and ready to marathon across the bay for sum great DEEM SUM treats! I haven’t enjoyed it in soooooo long my tummy is having conniption fits! Wonderful video, if I didn’t like Deem Sum before watching I would be eager to try after watching you dish on the dishes! Since these lovelies have touched my heart for decades all I can say is YUMMY :-) Children keep your hands and feet away from the table Erich is ready to eat! Jajajajaja


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  13. I found a recipe you shared and for some unknown reason I can’t find it again. Please help!!! It was for chicken lettuce wraps. It was the one originally done by Cecilia Chiang; she used squash. Totally grateful for any help you could provide. Thank you, Michael

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