Grilled Asparagus

Yes Yes Yes! Eat your veggies :)  This is my fave kind of asparagus in the world – skinny stalks. Grilled Asparagus



To clean asparagus just rinse the spears under cool water to remove any grit.  Snap off the bottom about an inch or so using your hands. The stems will naturally break where the tough woody part ends and the tender stem begins. Dry the spears by rolling them between two kitchen towels.

Drizzle your fave olive oil on top (in this recipe I used homemade garlic olive oil that is made by my friend Glenn up in Sonoma, CA).  Top it w/Maldon Salt & fresh cracked pepper.  Roll the asparagus around to coat the olive oil, salt and pepper on the stalks.

Baking:Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Put the asapargus on a baking sheet with aluminum foil on the bottom. Bake for ~20 minutes. Do not over cook these, they should have a little crunch.

Grilling: Place on the grill directly or in a grill basket. Grill until just tender and lightly charred, about 5 minutes.

Top with freshly squeezed lemon & Enjoy!

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