An Elevated Path…

It’s been almost 6 years that I launched my Healthy Living & Wellness brand at  I wanted to share a journey of where it’s been and where there is all going…because there is a point and now I’m looking to elevate this experience into new areas.

The Past: To recap, I’ve spent a long career in Tech in the Silicon Valley working for different companies creating consumer/mobile luxe brands and products and building scalable businesses around them in the Consumer Electronics/Wearables/IoT, Retail, Lifestyle amongst others. The issue was that I felt that I was being put into a ‘box’ of who and what these companies wanted me to be,  they essentially told me how high I could grow and how much money I could make.  And let’s just say ‘No one puts Baby in the corner’.

I wanted to do something creative with one main goal: Helping people live they life they want.  I want to drive change in the world as I feel that I’ve been blessed with so much.  So I strategized hard on my passion areas (i.e. food and food and food….) and then created – a brand and site dedicated to Healthy Living and Wellness for all of those with dietary restrictions…just like me.  I felt that all the food magazines and TV shows were about celebrities becoming chefs and chefs becoming celebrities.  And no one was talking to the growing population of diabetics, obese, food allergy, dietary restriction world. I was a little ahead of my time which was great!

Sonia Hunt

So at that time I did two things:

  • Stopped working for the man and started my own boutique tech agency. This kept the income flowing while I built and in the hopes one day that I could solely focus on my brand. I’m great at what I do in tech and I have a deep love for it, but owning my own business allows me to do it on my own terms.
  • My brand became a client of my own company. Just as I went through  a process with every client to strategize, rapid prototype, build and launch a product, I put myself in the same exact process to build my brand.  And it paid off.

Over the past ~5 years I have worked tirelessly building brands and products for tech clients all day while coming home and spending all night and weekends on my on site – shooting video, writing content, social media, creating a brand, creating recipes, speaking engagements, TV appearances, teaching cooking classes….you name it. I worked 24/7, but learned a tremendous amount, more than I could have ever imagined. And i’ve grown to levels that I never knew I could – mindfully, emotionally, spiritually and skillfully to be able to better aid everything and everyone that I was working with.  I have much gratitude for all of the people that gave me advice, helped me or have been clients.

The Present: Fast forward to 2015, before I hit the five-year mark was asked to speak on the TED platform about my story, my life and the work I was doing.  I felt like I won an Oscar.  And then it hit over 1M+ views before the one year mark – telling me that I had something that people out there wanted to listen to, so I needed to keep doing it.  But I also found myself working 200% for my tech clients such that I had less and less time to focus on my brand. So I needed to change that.  With some help of amazing Angels and a Tribe who is always with me, I’ve now reworked my priorities be able to spend more time on my overall brand.

The Future: What you will see from me coming forth is an elevated brand that will encompass:

  • Wellness
  • Food/Dietary Restrictions
  • Empowerment
  • Beauty

To me this is the full Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions path coming together, something that I spoke about in my TEDx Talk. And having much experience in all of these areas you’ll see 1) More Content on my site, 2) Teaching opportunities (online and offline) 3) Book Deal – woot woot! More to come on this and 4) Showcasing products, technologies, brands that I love to death and utilize their products because I’ve had amazing experiences with them. Everyone always asks me for recommendations, experiences and hook ups – well now you’re gonna get it! :)

So if you’ve been wondering what the hell have I been doing – well a shit ton to be exact :) And it’s only now just starting.

I have much gratitude for you for taking time to read this, all of your comments, likes, support, love, etc.  I truly believe that “One must live in the future in order to recognize the impact of present actions”. This is the case for everything that we do with our time on this Earth. We are not stopping in our crazy lives to think about what matters most, who matters most or even help people.  I want to do what I can to change that.

Being able to help someone or make change in someone’s life is what I think about everyday and in everything that I do. I want to meet and work with others who feel the same way and are involved in similar projects.  So I would love your ideas on what you’d like to see me doing in the future as well.




  1. Giovan Medrano| June 22, 2016 7:31 pm | Reply

    This is awesome, Sonia!!! With love, respect, and admiration, your friend, G. ;)

  2. Sonia, I always felt that you were destined for great things! I’m so happy for you

    • Aww, could not have been here without you Eileen. Truly. Thank You for your love, support and for hiring me way back then..haha. I will see you soon again. xoxo

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