My Life Thus Far…

Is a set of paths, each with its own culinary journey.

Sonia Hunt -
three culinary forces: me, mom & my sister

Welcome to my personal website and cause.

I love stories. At their core they are designed to interest, amuse, inform, question and may even change your perspective. My favorite stories come together while wandering around on travels, meeting people, connecting tables and exchanging memoirs. You can see the fire in a person’s eyes unfold as they share a bit of themselves with you. And to me these are best acted out over some incredible food and a favorite cocktail or two.

The convergence of cooking, eating and socializing is in the bloodline of my Indian culture. As entrepreneurs and former restaurant owners, my parents hosted dinner parties on any and every occasion. You couldn’t escape the flavorful aromas, double old fashions of single-malt, boisterous laughter and unbelievable spicy food coming out of the kitchen.

As a child and adult of 31+ food allergies, it was a no brainer for me to learn how to cook at a young age; It became about survival. I’ve been traveling the world since I was in diapers and the Epipen didn’t really gain notoriety until after Pulp Fiction was released, so having this knowledge let me ‘fend’ for myself in a sense. My mom used fresh, local and seasonal ingredients and blended those with traditional methods, all allergen-free for her sweet middle child. She didn’t focus on exact measurements; it was all about experimenting with flavors that came together like magic.

Sonia Hunt -
my d.o.g.g – Snoop Wentworth Hunt

I spent my latter years learning and experimenting. I’m all about finding the hidden gems and the crazy culinarians. I love to eat on the street and am driven by innovation-in life and in the kitchen. I spent my career Digital Media Technology meaning that I build digital businesses and brands for Global customers who are paving the way in media. In parallel, I’ve traveled to over 150 cities in over 20 countries; taking cooking classes from the California Culinary Academy to regional classes in the USA, Thailand, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Latin America, China and India. The first thing I do on the road is to go for a run, breathe in the smells of the street, wave to the people and try all the different foods the city has to offer. And then, I tweet.

I am part of an inter-connected social and media generation; Who want information fast and in digestible snippets; We are in the know, will tell you where to go and what not to miss – a.k.a ‘we don’t mess around’. We like to learn but it must fun. We interact on food because it is our lifestyle and drives the very essence of our social interactions.

So this venture is my journey. To share my love of the culinary arts and stories that bring their people together. My goal is to help people who deal with food issues and allergies like myself to “Stay Safe, Live Healthy & Eat Well with food allergies”. I create content for various publications on this topic as well as being a Spokesperson for Healthy Living and Wellness.  I drive forward to produce content that is edgy, hip and chic for the younger generation and show how to be educated and educate on food allergies all while really enjoying life.

Sonia Hunt -

So I’m getting down to the roots and rules of the rising foreign food subculture. Hanging out in the underground scene with the spicy personalities that are innovating within the culinary arts.

And at the heart of it all, I am an entrepreneur, a world traveler, a seasoned digital media technologist, an athlete, a musician, a gadget geek, an adventurer, an engineer, mama to my doggie, a humanitarian, an innovator, an enthusiast of all things spicy and most importantly…out to drive change.

Welcome to ‘Chapter III’ in the book of my life.


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